Company Profile

Company Profile

Aberdeen Radiation Protection Services Limited (ARPS) was established in 2001 and provides comprehensive and cost effective radiation protection services to a wide range of industrial and non-industrial companies.

We operate with six  fully qualified Radiation Protection Advisers (RPA) and five Radioactive Waste Advisers (RWA), along with 3 qualified Dangerous Goods Safety Advisers (DGSA).  We also hire out Radiation Protection Supervisors (RPS) whose primary function is to support our clients at their sites during busy work periods such as – turnarounds / shutdowns, well workovers and recovery operations on DSVs. The majority of our staff live and work in the Aberdeen area and have a combined work experience of over 60 years in the Oil and Gas Industry, regularly carrying out work offshore, onshore and overseas. 

Although our primary focus is the provision of radiation protection services to the Oil and Gas sector, we also provide radiation services to: the waste management industry including NORM decontamination and final disposal sites, the healthcare sector including hospitals, vets and dentists, teaching / research faculties and local authorities. This ability to draw experience from a broad skill base has allowed us to transfer and share new ideas between clients which satisfy the most stringent Quality, Health, Safety, and Environmental standards.

Our offices are based in Westhill and include training facilities, stores, and a sample reciept and sorting area. Office hours are nine to five, Monday to Friday, however we also operate an on-call system to provide our clients with immediate access to an RPA for advice and  / or attendance at an event / incident. Clients also have direct access to our RPA’s through e-mail and mobile phones.

Three RPAs are external tutors for Strathclyde University, which provides the basic training course for workers who want to pursue a career in radiation protection.

Our office-based administrative staff are all highly motivated and will provide assistance with any queries regarding provision of training, scheduling of audits, logistics, equipment hire, invoicing etc. One of our Key Performance Indicators is to ensure prompt and comprehensive replies to queries.