Callum Shanks

Callum Shanks

MPhys (Hons)


M. 01224 749784


Callum joined ARPS in September 2014 as a Radiation Protection Officer and has since attained his RPA certification.

Initially Callum was responsible for the management of samples, leak testing analysis, ARPS' monitor hire service and also maintainance of the Radioactive Materials Disposals Database (RMDD) which ARPS use to report our client’s annual returns to BEIS/EA/SEPA.

After completing his Radiation Protection Supervisor (RPS) course, Callum also gained substantial experience of RPS work including land surveys, lab decommissioning, equipment monitoring jobs, offshore NORM surveys at production sites and NORM controls during well intervention operations.

Since achieving his RPA certification, Callum has been busy conducting onshore and offshore radiation compliance audits, both at home and abroad, and is currently working towards his RWA certification.



Certificate of Competence to be a Radiation Protection Adviser (RPA)