Jo Duncan

Jo Duncan

BSc (Hons), MSc, PhD
Trainee RPA

M. 01224 749784

Jo joined ARPS in October 2018 as a trainee RPA. Prior to this appointment he was employed by the University of Aberdeen as a post-doctoral research fellow in materials chemistry.

His previous role saw him balancing research in structure-property relationships of materials with running synthesis labs and the X-Ray Diffraction facility, where he trained users, provided expert advice and performed instrument maintenance and calibration. Additionally, he was a lecturer and course-coordinator in the physics department, delivering lectures on a wide variety of topics from general physics, optics, electronics, and practical / experimental physics.

Since joining ARPS, Jo has completed safety training courses on ionising and non-ionising radiation thereby covering the entirety of the electromagnetic spectrum: radio / micro waves (EMF); optical and near-optical wavelengths (e.g. LASERs); and ionising radiations. Jo has also been heavily involved with the setup and delivery of the ARPS dosimetry service and has attended national seminars on dosimetry.