Kyle Buchan

Kyle Buchan

Trainee Lab Technician

M. 01224 749784

Kyle joins ARPS after four years of studying electrical and electronic engineering at both North East Scotland College and Robert Gordon University.  

During this time, he was involved in several product development projects, designing and manufacturing a range of assets.

He was responsible for the electrical design of a wheeled track-following robot and as part of a four-strong team saw the project through from conception to final presentation.

The team harnessed software and microcontrollers to engineer the robot’s movements smoothly around the track’s bends with the help of a light-dependent resistor (LDR) which activated the motors on the wheels at a given intensity of light.

Kyle also developed good communication skills as a student representative.

In his new role at ARPS, he will be assisting our lab technician with day-today duties including sample management, radiation monitor management and leak tests.