Mike Swinburn

Mike Swinburn

Laboratory Technician

M. 01224 749784


Mike graduated from the University of Aberdeen with a degree in Biology. Over six years ago, he made the leap to working as a formation damage technician at Premier Oilfield Group (Corex). 

As part of the formation damage group, he tested core plugs against application fluids and determined changes in the permeability and porosity of the core plugs. Fluids included a variety of different formulated muds, injection waters, acid treatments (including hydrofluoric acid treatment). The work scope would go from the preparation of samples and in some cases fluids all the way through testing and report documenting.

In addition, Mike assisted other departments' projects and gained some experience with SCAL (Special Core Analysis Laboratory) techniques including MICP (Mercury Injection Capillary Pressure), and EOR (Enhanced Oil Recovery) involving constructing Injection Polymers. Mike ensured compliance during ISO Audits as well as updating and maintaining the departments PED and PSSR system files. He was involved in some R&D projects, assisting in design and testing of new assets to the business portfolio, including a high temperature gas drawdown system. He managed the stock for the department for five years, and handled maintenance and calibration of the equipment.