Milena Smith

Milena Smith

Trainee RPA

M. 01224 749784


Milena joined ARPS at the start of 2021, with a background in physics and work experience in both academia and industry.

Before that, Milena worked in intellectual property, assisting primarily oil and gas inventors with obtaining patent protection for new technologies in mechanical engineering.  Prior to that she spent six years at the University of St Andrews, initially as a post-graduate student and later as a post-doctoral research fellow, balancing her work on research in astrophysics with tutoring at the university and public engagement.

Since moving to ARPS, Milena has completed her RPS training as well as her offshore survival and safety awareness courses (BOSIET/MIST) and is currently working towards her RPA2000 accreditation. She has been involved in a variety of RPA / RWA work, including preparation of permit applications, radiation work instructions and risk assessments, assisting in radiation compliance audits of operational sites and more recently, assisting in the design of a new diagnostic X-ray room for one of our veterinary clients.