Non-Ionising Radiation

Non-Ionising Radiation

Employers have a responsibly to assess their employees’ potential exposure to electromagnetic fields. ARPS has the expertise to help our clients comply with The Control of Electromagnetic Fields at Work Regulations 2016 (CEMFAW16) and The Control of Artificial Optical Radiation at Work Regulations 2010 (AOR2010). ARPS can undertake a site assessment to determine the potential exposures to personnel and make subsequent recommendations on how to mitigate exposures, where necessary. Some examples of equipment that may require assessment are below:

Artificial Optical Radiation (AOR2010

Electromagnetic Fields (CEMFAW16)

Arc welders or plasma cutters

Static magnetic fields > 1 T

UV fluorescence and sterilisation systems

11 kV electrical systems

UV or blue light used for medical or cosmetic treatments

RF plasma devices (including vacuum deposition and sputtering)

Intense Pulsed light sources (IPLs)

Arc and induction melting

Class 3B or Class 4 lasers (as defined in British Standard BS EN 60825-1: 2007)

Industrial electrolysis equipment

Risk Group 3 lamp systems (as defined in British Standard BS EN 62471: 2008)

Medical diagnostic and treatment equipment using EMFs, (eg diathermy or transcranial magnetic stimulation)


Electromagnetic NDT systems