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In conjunction with a few of our clients ARPS produced a DVD entitled Radiation in the Oil and gas industry. This DVD is excellent for giving the basic understanding of the uses of radiation within oil and gas.  Explaining the different types of radiation, the use of sealed and unsealed sources.  It describes the measures required to manage radiation safely off shore and has sections on working with NORM and what to do in an emergency.

The DVD is available to purchase from ARPS.

Meter User Training Package

At sites where it is unreasonable to expect the Radiation Protection Supervisor to perform all monitoring of plant and equipment for the presence of Naturally Occurring Radioactive Material (NORM), an employer may wish to nominate personnel such as site technicians to carry out the monitoring on the RPS’s behalf. 

These individuals must receive suitable training and display a degree of competence to carry out the monitoring. 

ARPS can provide this training, or alternatively ARPS provide a full training package that can be delivered by the Site’s Radiation Protection Supervisor. 

The package is tailored to the client’s requirements and includes:

  • A PowerPoint presentation covering basic radiation awareness, explaining the hazards, risks and controls required for work with ionising radiations.  Additional slides relating to the different types of monitoring equipment used at the client’s site.
  • A test paper
  • And a copy of our Radiation in the Oil & Gas Industry DVD